Monday, March 10, 2014


Sister Hilario
Our first Sunday dinner here was at this family's house.
She made the cake... It was too cute to cut, but she did and it was yummy!
She is an amazing person, an artist and interior decorator.

They love to sing here and they sing loud... I can even join in and you can't even tell I'm singing.
Love it!!!

Relief Society Social... the sisters were treated to makeup and nails and then had dinner served to them by the men.
There were 70 people there and, oh, they know how to have fun!

This woman is the BEST!!!  She is soooo funny and fun-loving. 
She is about 4 feet tall, half deaf, but has the heart of gold!  She participates in everything, and always with a great big smile plastered on her face.

Super nice sisters in the branch... the one on the right has been a member about a year, but you would think she has always been a member forever!  She is very strong in the gospel.

The sisters are so loving to each other and kind and expressive.  The traditional greeting is a kiss on the left cheek, then the right.  The sister on the right joined the church 2 months ago, Maria Joao.

This is Monica Nogueiro. She made this cake for the baptism of Olivia and her 2 boys on March 18th.  She is from Brazil, has 2 adorable little girls... it makes us homesick for our grandchildren. 

This Rosemarie de Costa from Londrina, Brazil.  Ron served in that area on his mission so long ago.  In talking with her, we discovered that one of Ron's missionary companions baptized her and she has been wondering about him all these years.  We were able to give her his email so she can make contact with him. 
God is aware of His children and He answers prayers through others !!! 

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