Sunday, March 30, 2014


A pleasant Sunday today in the Portalegre group.
There are not enough members here
to be a branch yet,
but they are working on it :).
Two baptisms today, a lady, baptized
 by her 17-year-old son,
(he was baptized himself last September)
and the husband of a member.
What a great day for these families!!!
Elder Soutas, Florabelle, her husband (a nonmember),
her son, and Elder Bascom 

There is not a baptismal font in their small meeting room, so we drove
 to a lake near the Spain/Portugal border up in the mountains and
held the baptisms there. 
Notice the picture of Jesus being baptized in the pictures above from the chapel...
Today felt similar to the River Jordan where Jesus was baptized. 

It was soooo cold, but in this little inlet, the waters were calm and the
wind was blocked.  This was a very happy time for these new members!

A blustery, rainy day, looking across the valley towards Spain.
I can't say it enough... it is so beautiful here!!!

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