Saturday, May 10, 2014


One day while waiting in the car, I caught
these 2 missionaries in action with my camera
talking to a lady on the street in a
neighboring city...Almareim.
Trying to find an address.
Elder Later and Elder DeOliveira
In Santarem we did some street
displays and contacting a few times...
Sister Shumway and Sister Juilfs 
Trying to get the display to stay upright on this breezy day! 
Getting the word out... 
Elder Singer  
Branch members participated...
our branch mission leader, Pedro! 
...a member talking with a typical Portuguese gentleman.
The men all wear these cute hats here.  
Elder De Oliveira
(this one's for his family...I hope they see it in Brazil :)...) 
What makes you think he's posing for the camera, LOL!!! 
Trying to be discrete when taking photos
is no small task...
Looks like Elder Crossman's head got in the way!! 
Our cute sisters... 
Getting an ear full from some guy :). !!!

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