Saturday, May 3, 2014


Elder Huntington and Elder Rigby
at the chapel before the baptism in the area of
Caldas da Raina, a  city to the west of us,
on the Atlantic Coast.
This chapel does not have a baptismal font,
so they go to the ocean to do their baptisms.
It was pretty awesome :)
Last-minute prepping.... 
 The tides were out; so the water was very shallow...
...had to walk pretty far to get water deep enough to do the baptism.
(I zoomed in and this is the closest I could get with the camera!)
Some members of the Caldas branch. 
(The branch president is on the right in the suit
--a pretty young guy and a new father.)
 Can you say "windy...?"
(Gotta love photo bomber missionaries, LOL!!)
 Views of the area surrounding Foz do Arelho...

 ...a wonderful place!!

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