Monday, May 12, 2014


What a crazy day!!! 
The Elders wanted to play tennis for P-Day...
easy enough, right??!?
Not!!!  ...first, we shopped for racquets,
then finally found tennis courts
with someone to let us on the courts (in Almareim)
--only to learn we could only use the court for 1 hour...
And to top it all off ??!?
the Elders had a conference call...
It lasted the whole hour we had reserved the court!!! 
So, Elder Crossman showed off some of his old tennis moves 
to the sisters, who had never really played tennis!!!  
Now ,... what are we supposed to do???
...and Sister Juilfs looked more like a softball player!
 LOL!!!  So fun!!!
With a little teaching, they got to where they
could hit the ball...
...some of the time, that is!! 
...and then the Elders showed up
with about 5 minutes to play... a little disappointing at best,
but they were great sports about it !!! 

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