Sunday, April 20, 2014

EASTER SUNDAY - 4/20/2014

Easter dinner with the Nogueira family!
Nuno and Monica
Barbara - age 3
Beatriz - 20 months
and... the sister missionaries,
Sister Juilfs and Sister Shumway
They have a very long and narrow back yard...
this is actually the neighbor's garden... they utilize every inch!
 The baby rabbits... so glad we had fish for dinner and not rabbit, LOL! 
They have a small zoo there... chickens,
guinea pigs, dogs, cats, rabbits, birds... 
The yummy desserts... the one on the left is a
meringue pie with strawberry sauce (cooked strawberries)
 and the other is chocolate with what looks like
 grated cheese for the bird nests, but is actually egg yolks
 put through a strainer and dropped into
 boiling water to create the look of the nests.

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