Saturday, April 12, 2014


Checking out one of the many palaces in Portugal. 
This one is not far from the mission home.
 After a meeting the night before
with some of the church leaders in Portugal,
we jumped at the chance to visit this palace
along with 2 other senior couples
 and the mission president and his wife.
Crossmans, Fluckigers, Roses, Sommers
Some of the outside architecture...
 A cool bell tower.
 Inside the palace...
Replica of the palace .... and hanging behind are real weapons.
The detailed workmanship was unbelievable
all throughout the palace.
It is all very ornate, gold and glitzy.
The murals on the walls are all tapestries
(fooled me... they looked like paintings).
There are different scenes throughout the palace.
The music room...
The king's bedroom (separate from the queen's)
Notice how small the bed is....
he must have been very short! 
Even had a footstool to climb up to the bed.
....the garden room, although no plants growing! 
One of my favorite rooms... so pretty!!!
Can you imagine coming to a dinner here??!?  Wow!!




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