Monday, April 7, 2014


Peniche is a city on the beach
45 miles west of us
known for its great surfing spots...
of course we had to go exploring :) 
The view of the city as we drove into town.
Took a wrong turn and ended up on this street,
which looks pretty typical of a lot of Portugal cities
that we've seen so far.

Ahhh...the beach at last!!!

We just LOVE the beach, any beach!

 They use a lot of rocks here...

 Ron couldn't resist asking about the fishing here :)

 Just incredible views of the ocean...
We might look a little out of place here
in our missionary clothes !!?!
We didn't care... so much fun!

 Wouldn't you know it?!? 
Ron could find a golf course anywhere, LOL!
 and a gorgeous one at that!

 He was just dying to join them.
 A dream course... so beautiful!!!
But, alas, just a dream.  This is a Marriott golf course,
way out of the price range for poor missionaries,
There's gotta be cheaper golf courses
somewhere in Portugal, right?!  :)
Gorgeous views on the way home.

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