Monday, April 14, 2014

TRANSFER DAY - 4/14/2014 - 10 a.m.

Saying goodbye to Sister Lybbert...such a great missionary!!!
We will miss her.

Photo bomber in the background...LOL!
Love Sister Shumway... so much fun!

Excited for new people to meet and experiences in her new city... 
final wave goodbye ...

...and she was gone!!!
We had about an hour or so to wait for our new Sister's arrival
(or so we thought)...
Looking, looking....
...hmmm, no sister on that train!
Found out it would be another couple of hours until
the next train from her old area,
and, since it was P-day, we took
Sister Shumway for a little fun at Portas do Sol
(an old castle wall in Santarem with a park)

 A fun break from missionary work.
Back at the Train Station, again... only to find out
 we still had another hour or more to wait?
 These 2 were getting bored ... LOL!!!
Watch out...the water fountain really put out the water!!!
Trying not to worry and studying Portuguese... 
 Enjoying the beauty of this arbor and wisteria...
Posing for the camera... 
...and after about 4 hours,
finally, she arrived, tired, but safe and sound!
(pronounced like "gulfs with a "J" in front)
A happy greeting!!!

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